Thursday, June 25, 2020

Almost 75 People Died due to Coronavirus in Kashmir Valley | Approx 6000 cases in J&K

Kashmir Valley

Abdul Rashid. Age 67, residence of Kashmir works on Shikara. Shikara is a boat which is of wood made. It runs on the most famous lake "Dal Lake" in Kashmir valley. Since his childhood they are working on Shikara and its is there bread and butter. He is working here for many years. When they look back, they have never seen such a harsh situation in there life. Every morning, he walks out to workplace to see if someone will get a customer for living, but unfortunately they all return home empty handed late in the evening.

Kashmir Valley Dal Lake
Shikara Dal Lake (Kashmir)

Coronavirus Pandemic started this year from China and spread across the world. For spreading to stop, Government of India imposed lockdown for precautionary measures in entire country. Its being 3 months since the lockdown due to coronavirus, the silence is still active in Kashmir famous lake "Dal Lake".  Shikaras are empty standing at the corner, waiting for someone. Instead of sitting ideal or to spend some times the boys started doing fishing for hours and these shikaras keep watching them on their boat with some hope. Before lockdown the place was one of the foremost buzzed area of Kashmir, where thousands of tourists used to come this place and fill the color.

Dal Lake
Dal Lake Sanitizing

In August last year, when article 370 Hatayagato was inhabited by the Dalboat houseboat and Shikare Tourist. After the advisory was issued, when the external people were ordered to return from Kashmir, Rajin was not ready to leave the tourists in houseboats and hunts. But the lockdown ruined the economy dependent on residents and tourism here.

Business is down as both the hotel and houseboat are empty because of no tourists.  Even the people who are living here are alert about the danger associated with coronavirus. People here are also taking the precautionary measures in there own way which is the important things for them at this moment. 

In March itself the lockdown was declared and imposed on Srinagar, a week before the countrywide lockdown. Rashid followed the rule and stayed for 2 months in his house without earning a single Rupees. All the accumulated incomes got utilized during the lockdown period. In unlock period he started coming out to raise some livelihood without compromised on security.

The guidelines and protocols defined by Government are never forgotten. At any point of time when he comes out of the house, he  always ensure that the mask is there on his face and also caring the hand sanitizier with him. All his friends and people around him make sure that the rules are not broken. All his friends discuss about the time when the Dal lake was full of joy place.

Prior to lockdown when everything was fine, most of the people here were earning there livelihood. Even he was earning around Rs 1000 every single day and these days not a single penny in his hand.  Now the unlocking is started hoping that things will become normal as the day pass by.  We all are praying for better outcome and the most important thing is to deal with Coronavirus pandemic.

Despite of densely populated place, the coronavirus failed to spread it existence. The Hadal lake is still safe from the covid-19 virus.  Probably not a single case as if now. It is hard to say in which part of the area coronavirus will spread. 

Rashid, who is owner of the Shikara at the lake still waiting for the things to become normal but the courage is still not broken. His Shikara paddle slows down and breathes for a while, then says, "I have passed sixty years of age, I am more prone to risk of this coronavirus disease, so I decided to stay at home and spend some valuable time with my family. But life has to go on and then to earn a living I have to come out. Now after 65 days i came out of my house with my boat.

Thanks to Indian Military (CRPF Personnel) who are distributing relief material under Civic Action Program.

Maximum deaths in Srinagar

As of 23rd June, there have been 6098 Corona cases in Jammu Kashmir. About 87 people have died of the coronavirus disease. Of these deaths, 76 have occurred in Kashmir and 11 in Jammu. From this entire region, highest number of deaths are from Srinaga. There are several allegations of intrusive on the colony settled on Dal Lake and disturbing the beauty or of the lake. Because of the absence of necessary precautions to preserve Dal Lake and the issues related to sewage have also come to the head of the residents at various times.

There are around fifty thousand families living here. These families have forever opposed the government relocation plan. This is the reason why rather than going elsewhere to build a house and live there, they like to prefer to live in slums, temporary homes and small tiny sheds on the Dal Lake. After all, the question is regarding their employment.

In view of the Coronavirus pandemic, the government administration is taking full vigil, all major places are being sanitized completely.

Surrounding Dal Lake there are many hospitals. At one place is the oldest hospital in Kashmir, which is the most vital hospital for Corona testing and treatment in Kashmir. On the other side is SKIMS which is the second major center of corona treatment. Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Hospital is also near by from Nagin Lake, connected to Dal Lake.

All the governments that came in have spent crores of rupees within the name of cleaning the Dal Lake. Inspection done to the environment authorities experts says that Dal Lake is dying a slow death. Behind this is the mixing of sewage within the water here and the rise of the water logger.

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