Saturday, September 5, 2020

TCS iON Digital Course Free for Teachers

Tata Consultancy Services IT services unit TCS iON launched a free digital course for teachers to enhance their digital technology skills. It is a 15-days free, self-paced digital course called Career Edge – Digital Teacher.

TCS iON Digital Course Free for Teachers


TCS is the giant IT global Services providing consultancy and business solutions for big organizations around the world. TCS iON is the unit of TCS Global. This course will help the teachers to enhance there digital technical skills. 

Before the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak period, almost all school teachers were teaching students in the classroom. After the pandemic, all schools, colleges, and institutions were closed, and it was a huge loss for the students. 

Educations Institutions were finding a new solution to continue with academics.

There was tremendous pressure on the teacher's community to learn new things and resume the student's education. Video conferencing was the only option here.

Before educating students first, they started learning how to connect students using video conferencing.

Salute to Teachers, they have shown interest in it and started adopting the new digital world, which many never did in there lifetime.

Here TCS iON Career Edge - Digital Teacher module designed by TCS  to help educators with competencies and essential digital skills to be smoother and more effective.

For 15-days, daily 1-2 hours of effort is required to learn the new things along with the teacher's hectic schedules. The course help in many ways like

  • Available Digital Learning tools
  • Conducting assessments remotely
  • Others

This course's feasibility is that one can access it from anywhere and from any devices(Laptops, Cellphones, and Tablets).

The course also provides Digital Teachers certification after successful completion. At the end of the course, a small in-built assessment should be completed. 

On the occasion of Teacher's Day, TCS iON is delighted to announce a free course for teachers. It is also the right time to shift to digital tools to ensure enhanced learning by Global Head Venguswamy Ramaswamy.

Links for the course:

How to enroll for this course?

For enrolling one has to sign up for this course. Share all the related details as per the individual profile.

TCS iON subscribe

What are the course details?

For course details check the below image.

TCS-iON-Career-Edge-Digital-Teacher Course

Teachers should take advantage of this course and start utilizing it wherever in the real-life, it is applicable.

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